本文摘要:A U.S.-based online handcrafts and antiques seller has had unprecedented success since it went public last week.美国一个手工制品和古董交易网站自从上周上市后,获得了空前的顺利。


A U.S.-based online handcrafts and antiques seller has had unprecedented success since it went public last week.美国一个手工制品和古董交易网站自从上周上市后,获得了空前的顺利。Although Etsys stock prices have declined since the initial excitement, the New-York based start-up is showing resilience.尽管这个取名为Etsy的网站的股票价格在最初跃居后有所暴跌,这家总部在纽约的创业公司展现出了它的韧性。

Etsy is an online marketplace offering handmade, antique and vintage goods sold by individual sellers.Etsy是一家由个人卖家获取手工、古董和复古商品展开交易的网络交易市集。Since its inception a decade ago, the firm has built a solid base of about 1.5 million active sellers and close to 20 million buyers. Its revenue has grown steadily, reaching more than $195 million last year. As of December, the Etsy app had been downloaded 22 million times.自从约十年前全面启动以来,这家公司早已享有大约150万活跃卖家和近2000万买家的坚实基础。公司收益稳步增长,去年超过逾1.95亿美元。

截至12月,Etsy的应用程序早已有2.2千万次下载量。Kathleen Smith, whose company, Renaissance Capital, tracks IPOs and developments in the market, said Etsy is a leading online operator of handmade and vintage goods, including jewelry, furniture, clothing. No other company has been able to create this kind of community. And its a very loyal community. Mostly women. And in the prospectus, they will tell you that about half of the buyers and sellers in 2011 were buyers and sellers in 2014.兴起资本主席凯瑟琳史密斯说道:“它是手工制品和复古商品网络运营的领导者,还包括珠宝、家具、服装。还没其他公司需要建构出有这种社区,而且是一个十分忠心的社区,大部分是女性。在招股书中,他们不会告诉他你2011年近半数的买家和卖家在2014年仍然是。


”Initial success a surpriseStill, Etsys initial stock market success surprised everyone. Its shares opened at $31 on April 16, the day the company made its Nasdaq debut, and climbed above $35 during the day, more than double the firms initial public offering (IPO) price of $16.不过Etsy在股票市场的初始顺利还是让人们深感吃惊。4月16日Etsy在纳斯达克上市,股票以31美元的价格散户,当天股价上升低于35美元,这比公司首次公开发表募股价16美元刷了不只一番。Called the largest IPO ever for a venture-backed, New York-based start-up, Etsy sold more than 13 million shares, raising $267 million on the day it went public.Etsy售出多达1.3千万股票,在上市的这一天筹措2.67亿美元。Smith said, The company has really increased its spending on marketing, figuring that it has such a loyal client base that its worth paying more to keep attracting clients. The growth rate is pretty good, over 50 percent at the end of the year and its looks like they can get this 30 percent type of growth.凯瑟琳史密斯说道:“这家公司知道减少了它在市场营销上的花费,意识到它享有如此忠心的客户基础,因此多花一些钱觅有吸引力的客户是有一点的。

增长率很不俗,在年底多达50%,看上去他们维持这种30%的增长率。”After the initial stock market hype, Etsys stock prices went down, sparking predictions that it will be sold.在最初的股票市场欣喜后,Etsy的股价暴跌了,引起了公司将被出售的预测。Liana Baker, a correspondent who covers mergers and acquisitions for Reuters news service, said, I think, with Etsy coming out and the valuation in the low billions, it could make it ripe for picking by a bigger company like eBay or Amazon.路透社记者利安娜贝克说道:“我指出,Etsy这样经常出现,估价为数以十亿美元计,这使它沦为易趣或亚马逊这些大公司的吞并目标。

”But as of Tuesday, the companys stock had recorded a slight increase, ending at $25 per share.但是周二,该公司股票经常出现小幅下跌,收市时为25美元。Market analysts said it is not yet clear what Etsys future will be.股市分析人士回应,Etsy的未来将不会如何尚能不确切。That is going to depend on how management treats its new investors and delivers the kinds of expectation that investors are expecting, Smith said.兴起资本主席史密斯说道:“这将各不相同管理层如何对待新的投资者,并获取投资者所期望的那种预期。


”Founded in 2005, Etsy has grown from a website selling just wooden objects to an online community of crafters offering unique goods that cannot be mass produced or re-sold. Its supporters view it as an antidote to global mass production and consumption, pushed by big corporations.Etsy正式成立于2005年,由一个仅有出售木制商品的网站发展沦为手工艺者们的网络社区,获取无法批量生产或出售的独有商品。它的支持者视其为对付由大公司推展的全球大规模生产和消费的手段。Veering from that path could turn off the companys loyal base. But Etsy has announced plans to grow globally and expand its base of buyers and sellers of one-of-a-kind items.转变这条路线不会丧失公司的心目中基础。